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Our Squads

Unlock your athletic potential in our dynamic training programs!

From junior development squads to state and national training groups, we provide a pathway for every aspiring athlete. Our daily programs are crafted to challenge you, focusing on technique, fitness, and strength development. To enhance your performance, we integrate group strength and conditioning sessions tailored to each athlete's specific needs.

Explore your competitive potential with our Development & District squads, providing an introduction to the world of competitive swimming


Prepare swimmers for club and encouragement meets.

Age:  7-11 (Male)  |  7-11 (Female)

Training Required
  • 2 Swims per week (1hr sessions)

Training Capacity
  • 200 Freestyle

  • 200 Backstroke

  • 150 Breaststroke

  • 25 Butterfly

  • Swim the 200m freestyle and 100m kick with rest.

  • Race at least once every three months.

Strength & Conditioning
  • N/A


Prepare swimmers for club and district meets.

Age:  8-12 (Male) | 8-12 (Female)

Training Required
  • 3 Swims per week (1.5hr sessions)

Training Capacity
  • 200 freestyle 5min

  • 100 kick 4min

  • Compete in a minimum of three swim meets and demonstrate proficiency in at least three strokes without disqualification within a six-month period.

Strength & Conditioning
  • Sit & Reach - Touch Toes


  • a Plank

  • a Squat

  • a Lunge

  • a Push Up

  • a Hip Hinge


Squad Standards

At Yarra Plenty Waves, we strive to create a safe, supportive, and high-performing environment where every swimmer reaches their full potential. Our Squad Standards guide swimmers of all levels towards success.

Lane Etiquette

  • Safety First: Yield to faster swimmers and overtake cautiously. Maintain a minimum of 10 meters or 10 seconds between you and the swimmer ahead (or as instructed by your coach).

  • Clock Awareness: Be responsible for starting and finishing sets on time. Learn how to use the clock effectively.

  • Teamwork: Support and encourage your teammates. Prioritise perfect technique over excessive speed.

  • Respect the Flow: Swim clockwise and be mindful of your surroundings. Toilet breaks only between sets.

  • Ask & Listen: Clarify any doubts with your coach or teammates. Always wear your YPW training cap swim cap.

All Squads

  • Maximise your Time: Arrive early for activations (with or without teammates) and come prepared to give your best.

  • Be Informed: Read and understand the whiteboard instructions before starting.

  • Technical Focus: Execute turns when necessary and streamline off every wall.

  • Integrity: Don't cheat sets; train hard for personal growth. Race how you train, train how you want to race.

  • Team Spirit: Support, encourage, and respect each other. No negativity or bad language tolerated.

  • Open Communication: Keep your coach informed about absences, feelings, and any other relevant information. This helps them gauge your well-being and optimise training.


  • Hydration is Key: Bring a water bottle to every session.

  • Be Prepared: Invest in a kit bag and recommended equipment from the Squad Equipment List. Take responsibility for your belongings.

  • Professional Appearance: Wear your YPW training cap during all sessions.

Remember: Your coach is your partner in progress. Be positive, helpful, and enthusiastic. Embrace these standards and achieve your swimming goals!

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