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Squad Equipment List

All swimming equipment should be clearly marked with the swimmers full name on it in permanent waterproof marker.​

Gear Up for Splashing Success: Must-Haves for Training Sessions

Hitting the pool? Make sure you're prepared with these essential items for each training session:

Dive Essentials:

  • 2 Pairs of Goggles: One for backup, in case they break or leak. Choose a comfortable, leak-proof fit for clear vision underwater.

  • 2 Training Caps: Keep your hair in check and protect your ears with two caps. One can get wet or lost during training.

  • Hydration Hero: Stay refreshed with a refillable drink bottle. Don't forget to label it with your name!

  • Poolside Towel: Dry off quickly and hygienically after a workout. Choose a quick-drying material for convenience.

Beyond the Basics:

For squad-specific equipment recommendations, check out the handy quick guide below or chat directly with your coach. They'll know exactly what you need to excel.

Gear Up & Save:

Need new or updated swimming gear? Yarra Plenty Waves has got you covered with exclusive deals:

Sustainable Swims:

Looking for gently used equipment? Join our Facebook group, YPW BSS, for a thriving Buy-Swap-Sell community. Find pre-loved treasures and give gear a second life!

Ready, Set, Swim!

With these essentials, you're prepped for a successful and enjoyable training session. Remember, the right gear can boost your confidence and performance in the water. Happy swimming!

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