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Racing & Training Swimwear

We would suggest all swimmers to have two pairs of bathers.

Train Comfortably, Race Competitively

Gear Up for the Pool:

Every swimmer should have at least two swimsuits: a comfortable pair for training and a competition-ready suit for racing. Here's your guide to navigating both:

Training Essentials:

  • Comfort is Key: Choose a well-fitting suit that stays put during laps, avoiding loose and baggy styles.

  • Boys: Briefs or jammers offer flexibility and support.

  • Girls: One-piece suits provide comfort and coverage.

Racing Ready:

  • Technical Suits: These high-performance suits are exclusively for competitive events and are designed to minimize drag and boost efficiency. Remember, tighter isn't always better, consult a coach for proper fit.

  • Age Restrictions: Swimmers under 11 cannot wear technical suits during competitions. Be sure to check approved swimwear guidelines for your age group.

  • Investment for Performance: For swimmers 12 and over, approved racing suits are an investment but can be crucial for achieving personal bests and qualifying times. Explore the World Aquatics approved swimwear list to find the perfect one.

Additional Resources:

  • Swimming Australia Inclusive Swimwear Policy: Ensure your competition suit aligns with inclusivity guidelines.

Remember: Safety and comfort come first, then efficiency. Choose suits that make you feel confident and ready to conquer the pool, whether you're training hard or racing for glory!

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