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Buy, Swap & Sell Group

Buy, swap, or sell swimming related equipment & club uniform items

Group Guidelines for Buy, Swap, and Sell

Yarra Plenty Waves is thrilled to introduce our Buy, Swap, and Sell Facebook group, providing our community with a platform to trade swimming-related equipment and club uniform items.

SALE Process:

  • Comment "SOLD" and contact the seller for pick-up arrangements.

  • Admin facilitates the forum but is not responsible for resolving issues between sellers and buyers.

  • Sellers consistently reported for misleading descriptions may be removed.


  • Comment "SOLD," message the seller, arrange pick-up, and follow through.

  • Comment "NIL" (next in line) if someone got to it before you.

PAY with CASH:

  • Cash is the preferred payment method; discourage direct deposits or PayPal.


  • This is not a retail site; guarantees and refunds are not applicable.

  • Buyers must check items thoroughly before paying cash.


  • Delete posts once the item is SOLD and collected.

  • Admin will remove posts older than 3 months when time permits.


  • Post details of what you're looking for, and members can comment or message you directly.


  • Maintain respectful and polite comments; aggressive or misleading comments will be removed.

  • Multiple posts about the same community issue will be deleted, leaving only one for clarity.


1. Adherence to Standards:

  • Follow Facebook community standards and our organization's Code of Conduct.

  • This group is exclusively for users over 18 years, as per Facebook marketplace requirements.

2. What You Can List:

  • Swimming Equipment (e.g., fins, kickboards, gear bags, etc.)

  • YPW Uniform Items (second-hand)

  • Swimwear suitable for training and competition

3. What You Can't List:

  • Items not relevant to swimming

  • Any items or services violating Facebook’s Commerce Policies

  • Commercial quantities from a business

  • Adverts from service providers (e.g., physiotherapy)

  • Adverts with links to external websites

  • Quantities bought for resale

4. Listing Requirements:

  • All items must have a pick-up location (preferably at a club training venue).

  • Fixed price sales only; no auctions.

  • FREE items are allowed.

  • Pick up ONLY; no postage or delivery charges.

5. Post Deletion Criteria:

  • Breach of guidelines.

  • Pick-up zone outside of group areas or not clearly identified.

  • Offensive or abusive posts.

6. Removal from the Group:

  • Offensive, abusive, or bullying behavior.

  • Commercial or business listings.

  • Abusive private messages reported to the Admin team.

  • Blocking Admin.

7. Reporting a Post:

  • Use the ‘REPORT TO ADMIN’ option on each post.

  • Admins may or may not remove the post or block the person reported.

8. Contacting ADMIN:

  • Message Admin via the Admin Facebook Page. Allow up to 48 hours for a response.

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