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Stack Team App

Our Club's main form of communication to members ~ Download from your app store

Stack Team App

Our primary mode of communication, the Stack Team App, is freely accessible via your smartphone and web browser, facilitating seamless interaction between our coaches, committee, and members.

To get connected, search for and request to join Yarra Plenty Waves.

Join as a Swimmer* Masters, and once approved, you'll have access to the latest news, training updates, and information about upcoming swim meets.

Install the Yarra Plenty Waves App on your smartphone or tablet now! Follow these steps:

1. Download Stack Team App from the Apple or Google Play app store.

2. Sign up for Stack Team App and confirm your registration through the email sent to you.

3. Log into the App and search for "Yarra Plenty Waves."

4. Choose your applicable access group (Swimmer* Masters).

5. If you don't have a smartphone, go to [] to sign up and view our App online.

Social Media

Additionally, we maintain an active presence on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, where we share updates, achievements, and race replays from our athletes.

To stay fully informed, please ensure we have your updated email address, as some communications may occur via email.

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