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Rohan Wein

Assistant Coach

Rohan is a Yarra Plenty Waves lifer! Since starting as a toddler in the learn-to-swim program, there's hardly a role at the club he hasn't mastered.

From swim school student to a competitive swimmer, Club Captain, and swim teacher, Rohan's passion for swimming and his love for the club are undeniable. Now, he's adding another title: squad coach. This year, he's eager to share his expertise and love of swimming and racing with Yarra Plenty Waves athletes.

A decorated competitor himself, Rohan has earned state championship medals and represented Yarra Plenty Waves at multiple Australian National Championships, even achieving top 10 finishes in various disciplines!

When not in the water, he unwinds by playing his guitar and catching up on sleep - swimmers love and need their rest!

Rohan Wein

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