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Emilia Cilauro

Assistant Coach

Emilia, affectionately known as “Em,” brings a wealth of experience to Yarra Plenty Waves. Having served as a Swim Teacher, Receptionist, On Deck Supervisor, and now as Swim Coach, Em is a versatile asset to our team.

A graduate of the Yarra Plenty Waves learn-to-swim program herself, Em has ascended to become a member of the club’s National Open squad. She is very friendly, approachable, and energetic across all her roles.

Emilia is deeply passionate about helping swimmers achieve their goals, whether it’s instilling a love for the water in young learners or propelling competitive swimmers to reach their full potential. Her dedication reflects her commitment to giving back to the Yarra Plenty Waves community, which has played such a significant role in her own swimming journey.

Emilia Cilauro

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