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Tax-deductible donation

Tax-deductible donation to support Yarra Plenty Waves

Support Yarra Plenty Waves!

Make a splash with your support and help Yarra Plenty Waves ride the wave of success long into the future. Your tax-deductible donation goes directly towards ensuring the stability and growth of our beloved facility.

Whether you're a club member, a local resident, or just someone who enjoys catching a wave, your contribution makes a big difference. With your help, we can continue to:

  • Maintain our excellent facilities: Keep our pools, equipment, and programs in top condition for everyone to enjoy.

  • Offer inclusive programs: Foster a welcoming environment for people of all ages and abilities to learn, compete, and have fun in the water.

  • Build a brighter future: Invest in sustainable practices and exciting new initiatives to keep Yarra Plenty Waves thriving for generations to come.

Every donation, big or small, creates a ripple effect that strengthens our community and empowers people through the joy of aquatic activities. Together, let's keep the waves rolling at Yarra Plenty!

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