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Our Club's main form of communication to members ~ Download from your app store

Connecting with Your Swimmer's Coach:

Our dedicated coaches are always happy to discuss your child's swimming progress. However, to ensure their full attention is on the swimmers during training and competitions, please reach out at appropriate times.

Respectful Communication:

We encourage respectful and courteous communication with all coaches. Please understand that individual schedules vary, so what works for one coach may not for another. Formal meetings should be arranged in advance, and not conducted on pool deck.

Contacting Your Coach:

For questions or concerns, you can reach your coach directly through:

  • Team App "Chat": This is our primary communication platform, accessible via smartphone or web browser. Download the app and join the "Yarra Plenty Waves" group as a parent/guardian or swimmer (over 18) in your squad. You'll receive updates, training information, and upcoming swim meet details.

  • Email: Specific coach contact details are available on the "Our People" page of our website. You can also use the website's contact form, which will reach the appropriate representative.

Stay Connected:

Follow us on our active Facebook and Instagram pages for news, accomplishments, and athlete race replays. We also have a YouTube channel with exciting content.

Keeping Your Information Updated:

Please ensure we have your current email address to receive important communications.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure clear and effective communication with your swimmer's coach and stay informed about all things Yarra Plenty Waves!

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