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WaterMarc Membership

Discounted WaterMarc membership for all members

Dryland Gym Partnership

Squad Swimmers & Family Benefit

We're excited to announce a fantastic opportunity for all our members and their families—a special reduced rate for WaterMarc membership! Dive into fitness and well-being with access to our state-of-the-art gym facilities and over 100 invigorating group fitness and wellness classes each month. Get ready to make a splash in your fitness journey!

For adults, this means enjoying the perks of weekly membership at a concessional rate.

Compulsory Gym Membership

Attention, National squad athletes! As part of our commitment to your training and development, membership at WaterMarc is now a requirement. This ensures you have full access to these facilities that will support your athletic goals.

Membership fees are conveniently managed through a weekly direct debit arrangement with WaterMarc.

  • Full Access (16 and above): $21.20 per week

  • Full Access (10-15 years): $17.00 per week

These fees are subject to weekly direct debit by WaterMarc.

Prices are accurate as of April 1, 2024

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