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Top Tips for Swim Parents

Swimming Parent Expectations & Guide

Parent Expectations

During Training:

Parents, please drop off your child or sit near the pool deck without engaging unless necessary. Post-session conversations should be brief, focusing on essential matters, ensuring coaches can attend to all swimmers. For swim-related queries, contact your coach via email or TeamApp. General inquiries can be directed to

Volunteering at Meets:

At competitions, parent volunteers for timekeeping are needed. No experience is necessary, and the Competitions Coordinator will create a roster. Questions about volunteering can be directed to

Additional Resources:

1. YPW New Swim Parent Presentation:

Access our comprehensive presentation for new swim parents: YPW New Swim Parent Presentation

2. Resource Books for Loan:

Borrow insightful books from our library:

  • "Swimming for Parents" by Gary Barclay

  • "Behind the Goggles" (for kids) by Gary Barclay

Email to borrow.

3. Swimming Australia Handbook:

Explore the Swimming Australia handbook, covering coaching tips and volunteer opportunities. View "Swimming Parents" by Wayne Goldsmith for further insights HERE.

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