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Amelia Burnett

Assistant Coach

Milly has been involved with Yarra Plenty from the age of six months and initially, disliked the water immensely. At five she was reintroduced to swimming and did a 180 degree turn, falling in love with the sport and has never left. Milly moved to the Swimming Club at the start of grade six and was there until the end of year twelve.

Already being a swim teacher at the Yarra Plenty Swim School, Milly found that teaching was rewarding and enjoyable, and so when the opportunity of becoming an Assistant Coach came up, she felt this would be ideal to continue her involvement with the Club.

Although still learning the ins and outs of coaching, Milly loves being involved with the club and thoroughly adores the position. She plans to complete her Development Coach qualification by the end of 2022 and continue assisting swimmers in the sport she loves. The transition from swimmer to coach has been the right choice for Milly as she loves the community at Yarra Plenty.

Amelia Burnett


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